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Who Are We

Top Knotch Soultry Delights...and once you try us you'll never forget us!

At Top Knotch your plate truly runneth over! We do not know the meaning of skimp here at Top Knotch and if you've ever dined with us you know this is a fact!

We know everyone has many options when it comes to choosing a place to eat. We also know that when you find something you enjoy it's always nice to have plenty of it! So at Top Knotch we aim to make sure you are satisfied, full, and still have a little for later.

Each guest is valued whether you are dining in or taking out, you are always greeted with a smile.

Creating delicious dishes and placing a smile on your face is what we aim to do. So come on in today or place an order online and begin enjoying some authentic soul food cuisine from Top Knotch Soultry Delights where YOU are OUR number ONE priority!

Vanetta C.



Cooking has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I remember the aroma of traditional soul food coming from my grandmother's kitchen every Sunday accompanied by watching my mother in the kitchen each night.

As a child I would create menu dishes for my mom to execute and then I would escort the family into the "Chef Quarters" to dine on my specialties of the evening.

As I got older my passion for cooking never died and only intensified as I spent over 15 years in the  hospitality and restaurant industry, while catering on a small scale on the side. Eventually, I decided to turn my passion into my full time profession!

Now I create authentic soul food dishes that take my customers back to grandma's and mommy's kitchen.

At Top Knotch Soultry Delights we have 3 very simple goals:

1) To serve exceptionally delicious food to each and every one of our guest

2) To make sure they are fully satisfied emphasis on "full"

3) To make sure our guest continue to come back

By accomplishing goals one and two, goal three should be a cinch!

I truly look forward to serving you delicious soul food cuisine and I promise you will not be disappointed!

Vanessa A.


As a wife, mother of three children, and grandmother of seven grandchildren I have always been in the kitchen cooking wholesome meals and baking sweet delicious treats.

It was always a dream of mine to go into business preparing and serving my hearty meals; giving the world a taste of true home cooking.

I love cooking and my passion lies in baking! I love experimenting and creating delicious new cakes and pastries!

It brings me joy and makes my heart smile to see others enjoying a dish or sweet treat that I have prepared with the special ingredient to each dish is a dash of love.

With each smiling face and satisfied customer I am encouraged and driven to create something new and tantalizing.

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